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Family rings. bracelets, necklaces etc are all custom made to order. If you would like to place an order for a family item, please contact Nancy at (902 530 6131 ) or come out and see us at a show.





This family bracelet is created usingbrilliant cut crystals in the birthstones of the family, brilliant cut crystal Pearls, and Sterling Silver. $29.95
family bracelet with magnet
Our Family Bracelet with the Industrial Magnetic Clasp is made withbrilliant cut crystals and brilliant cut crystal Pearls. It has a sterling silver safety chain too.
family necklace with 44 crystals
A large Family Necklace. This necklace has 44 Crystals.
family necklace with magnet 2
Family Necklace with Magnetic Clasp that can be removed and used on other necklaces. $59.95
Family bar necklace
This is our new Bar Necklace made into a Family Bar Necklace. $24.95. We can make one for you too.
Family Pendant 4
Our Family Pendant can be made with as many pendants as you want. We made one with 14 pendants. That lady had 14 children. We did a pendant for each family group. For $29.95 you get one, two, or three pendants with a 16″, 18|”, 20″, or 24″ Sterling Silver Chain.
family rings
Our Family Rings are made withbrilliant cut crystals and made on Jeweller’s elastic. The ring with the 3 crystals is $24.95 and the rings with the smaller crystals are $14.95.

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